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RevolutionOps and AlterIW

posted Feb 23, 2011 04:51:06 by PhAzOnMaDnEsS_XC
Good evening,
I am a member of the AlterIW gaming community, and I had a few questions to ask.
1. Your project scheme looks almost like a carbon copy of the AlterOps project. Of course, I am not here in any way to point fingers, so please just hear me out.
2. How far along are you in this project? As I'm aware, spoofing the Steam Authentication/Demonware Authentication for dedicated server support is in fact a very big undertaking.
3. Besides all this, your team only APPEARS to consist of you, but again I have no idea based on the site configuration how many people you have on board.

Thank you for reading this, and I'd be glad to discuss this further with you if you please.
A friend in tech,
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JoiseAngelHenriquez said Dec 09, 2011 00:13:02
I am still alive.
Me and my team are working on a gaming client.
Has a very awesome GUI
with pushes and a new database.
I am now grown and mature and 14 :3
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