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posted Nov 21, 2010 20:46:45 by AlanNguyen
Just curious, how will you emulate the dedi server files of the Black Ops server/create a way to bypass the demonware verification check? It seems impossible considering the fact that only has the server files, and no one knows how demonware checks the game.
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iMagiiK said Nov 21, 2010 20:54:37
Well right now we can not say about that.We are still working on it.Also who are you?
AlanNguyen said Nov 21, 2010 20:56:05
Im Awookie :D
iMagiiK said Nov 21, 2010 20:58:01
Oh Ok.
iMagiiK said Nov 21, 2010 20:59:35
Do you have any computer skills?
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